14 July 2013

Polish motorized infantry platoon

When I was at  Salute I bought two blisters of dismounted Polish cavalry from Forged in Battle, one blister of soldiers in hats and one with soldiers in Adrian helmets. These troops work for many different forces found in the Polish army. Their main use is naturally regular cavalry fighting on foot. However you can also use these as soldiers from Poland’s two motorized brigades; the Warsaw armoured motorized brigade and the 10th motorized cavalry brigade.

Since the motorized troops were in fact transformed from existing cavalry units their uniforms retained the look and style of those found in the cavalry - especially the cavalry pants, boots and Adrian helmets.

The sculpts and quality is great as ever with Forged in Battle products, though I was a bit miffed that my blister of soldiers in Adrian helmet didn't include the officer with the drawn saber but rather an officer pointing with his hand (a sculpt not featured on the picture in the store). Fortunately I was more than pleased with the officer in the pack of soldiers in hats, the guy pointing his pistol looks absolutely badass - I just adjusted the pose of his arm somewhat to make it point straighter. Love that mini!

The anti-tank rifle team and HMG's have not yet been released for the cavalry, Warsaw armoured motorized brigade or 10th motorized cavalry brigade - so what I did was to make an easy head swap of the existing anti-tank rifle team in regular Polish helmets for some heads with Adrian helmets. I also contacted Forged in Battle and got a pack of Polish wz.30 HMG's which I used with the Forged in Battle French HMG teams. Using the French as a substitute is a pretty good choice since they look very much like Polish cavalry with those greatcoats and Adrian helmets. The only difference and something you could mask with paint or greenstuff are the leg wrappings which isn't part of a Polish uniform.

I still got two more platoons to paint up (8Rifle MG teams and 2 AT-rifle teams) before this company is complete. I am however considering to paint up 2-4 more HMG teams so that I could run single platoon companies with the attached HMG support, to make a very cost effective and highly defensive infantry backbone for the motorized brigade.

When the rest of the troops are fully painted up I will order some blisters for the 10th motorized cavalry brigade as well. Those troops are just too iconic to pass, not to mention that the 10th motorized cavalry brigade is the most awesome force organization that the Poles can field in 1939.


  1. Looking good, very nice details!

  2. Awesome platoon, Anatoli. They look fantastic!

  3. Thanks guys, I also forgot how fast FoW stuff paints up compared to the time consuming By Fire & Sword miniatures with lots of color and variety in clothing. Painted this unit up in two sessions with basecoating and uniforms done on day 1 and the rest of the details done on day 2.

  4. They're lovely - the white emblems are superb and set off the figures nicely. Best FoW Polish infantry I've seen.



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