26 July 2013

Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Game Masters kit

The Game Masters kit features two things, first of course is the foldout high quality thick cardboard game masters screen. This contains a lot of information, mainly covering the most frequently used areas of the game; stats for small arms, how to use the results from the dice, how to apply difficulty levels to skill  checks, critical hits for characters and vehicles and a couple of other things.

It's comprehensive, but it does lack a few minor things that I was instantly missing when playing around with ideas. A quick reference on social interaction, information about item and vehicle repairs and info on gambling is left out and has to be referenced in the core rulebook instead.

Still the information should that is there should be more than enough 90% of the time. The back artwork is extremely well made and really pulls you in, and as stated the quality of the screen is very good. It's sturdy and bound so that you can fold it without the wear and tear of regular cardboard/paper.

The other thing you get in the game masters kit is a booklet (30 pages long), mainly containing an adventure, this is a complete adventure with a beginning and an end, ready to play encounters, NPC's, and map of the area where the adventure takes place. If you don't plan on using the scenario you can still get good use out of the NPC's and some really nice ideas from here. The booklet also includes a fair amount of tips for the GM on how to create the main antagonist in any given adventure and how that character could/should tie in with player characters, the story arc of adventures and pointers on how to keep advancing this villain with XP to keep up with the player characters.

There is not much more to say, except for this being a great additional tool.

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