07 July 2013

Swedish infantry 1910-39 painted up

And here are the sample miniatures from the review, now with some paint on. I used one of the tutorials over at http://adalenfigures.blogspot.se/ but don't know if I got the colors exactly right since I had to mix everything myself. The colors used for the uniforms are a mix of Vallejo Scorched brown, German Uniform and Bone white.

Very nice miniatures and they paint up very easily. If I were to buy into interwar Swedes I think I would go for the guys in helmets, but it was nice to try painting all 3 versions of the regular soldiers. And the officer with the drawn sword is a total badass.

I wonder if my Anti-Shine varnish has been ruined. The latest bottle does not behave anywhere near as good as the first one I got from Warlord Games, hence the damn glossy finish...

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