16 July 2013

X-wing: 100 point senator shuttle escort AAR

A 100 point game using the scenario in the main rulebook where the Rebel Alliance is escorting a senator's shuttle and the Imperial player tries to destroy it.

The lists looked like this:

Rebel Alliance

2x Gold Squadron Y-wing with Ion cannons and R2 Astromechs
3x A-wing Prototype Pilots


Tie Interceptor
Turr Phennir with Marksmanship

Tie Fighters
Night Beast
Mauler Mithel with Elusiveness
2x Black Squadron Pilots with Elusiveness

This fight was a change of pace, David swapped the "Tie Swarm" for some high end elite pilots, while I was trying to fly a force with 5 poorly rated Rebel ships. We also played a scenario since I have found that just fighting over nothing to the death doesn't make for that exciting of a game and it also felt like the rebels got chewed up in these fight to the death games.

The list I ran in our game was a bit odd but I really wanted to try out 3 A-wings at the same time, with some Y-wing support. On the whole it worked quite well, but I think swapping something out for an X-wing to add some serious firepower would have helped as the Imperials were dodging shots like crazy, even when I focused on a single enemy fighter with 3 ships.

Both sides ended up having a bit of trouble moving around without bumping into other ships and asteroids, the Y-wings managed to score 2-3 Ion cannon hits and it was fun to watch those Imperials drift around but I realized it doesn't help much if you disable enemy fighters moving at them from the front - the return fire is nasty!

The battle ended a Rebel victory, though 2 ships were lost and the remaining ones were damaged. The Imperials were very close to destroying the senator shuttle but simply ran out of time as they had been held up by the rebel fighters as the shuttle moved closer and closer to the opposing table edge. In the end the shuttle had 4 hull points left and only 2 Tie Fighters were close enough to fire at it, 2 hits were scored and brought it down to 2 hull points but it slipped off the table at the start of the next turn.

Neither Imperial fighter had been destroyed, in fact only three ships had taken damage (1 damage each).


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