05 July 2013

X-Wing smugglers den 100 point battle

Earlier last week David and me replayed the Smugglers den scenario on 100 points.

I went with the following Rebel ships and configurations

Wedge Antilles:
Skill: Marksman
Astro-mech: R2-D2

Outer Rim Smuggler:
Pilot card: Nien Numb
Ship upgrade: Improved engines

Horton Salm:
Astro mech: R2 Astro-mech
Secondary weapon: Ion cannon turret

David and Joakim once again shared the reins of the Imperial fleet which was made up of:

4x Tie Fighters "Academy pilot"
Tie Interceptor "Fel's Wrath"
Tie Interceptor "Turr Phennir"


The rebel ships sidestepped the Imperial deployment and had the Tie Interceptors encircled at the start of the game, it looked as if those two Imperial characters would bite the dust during the opening shots. But rebel luck and accuracy was poor during turn 1 and the two Tie Interceptors got away.

What followed thereafter was a relatively short battle where we had some really bizarre dice rolling. At one point I rolled 4 attack dice with my ship and only got blank results. David snorted and thought he would kill my ship in the return fire from 3 Tie Fighters but failed  to roll a single hit from those 3 ships!

Soon thereafter the Rebels had a brief triumph when both Tie Interceptors were destroyed but that cost the rebel side their best fighter - the X-wing piloted by Wedge Antilles.

Outnumbered the two remaining rebel ships both had horrible agility values and just couldn't dodge the amount of close proximity fire from the 4 remaining Tie Fighters - and were both shot down.

It was a brief battle and we ended the X-wing session here. I look forward to the next fight though, as I just received two additional A-wings which I had found in a obscure Swedish internet store and instantly ordered. I think my Rebel roster will now lend itself to some dynamic builds and most important of all - allow me to field 5 Rebel fighters if I want to.

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