21 July 2013

X-Wing: Tie Fighter expansion pack

This is perhaps the expansion pack players will have at the very end of their "to buy" list, considering you get Tie Fighters in the starting set. However just like with the X-wing expansion pack this Tie-Fighter comes with Pilot cards that are not featured in the starting set. You get 3 common pilots previously available, but also 3 named pilots of which 2 are Elite pilots that can be upgraded with pilot skills.

And all 3 new named pilots bring very good abilities to the table and should offer the Imperial player with a lot of interesting and tactical options. You only get two elite pilot skill cards, "Swarm tactics" and "Determination", of which "Swarm tactics" should prove extremely useful as it allows you the ship with this pilot upgrade to duplicate his pilot skill onto another friendly ship within range 1. This allows for boosting a crappy pilot and have him help you fire at weaker targets before the target can fire back. You could really make the most of this skill by using it with your very best pilot and upping the pilot skill of another named character with good abilities to coordinate a very powerful combo attack.

You also get the usual set of tokens and turn dial, the paintjob on the Tie Fighter model itself was also very good imo -so all in all a good investment even if it isn't in the top number of purchase options.

1 comment:

  1. I agree, this a good purchase for the pilot cards especially if you want to run a tie fighter swarm. You only need one and if you need more ties are probably better suited buying another started kit for all the other extras.


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