21 August 2013

1st Polish independent parachute brigade complete roster and OoB

For those interested in late war Poles, and in particular the 1st Independent Polish parachute brigade, this complete roster/OoB may be of interest. It is a translated and transcribed version of the original Polish roster and manifest from 1944, detailing the number of men and weapons in each company and lists all the unit senior officers and shows the brigade organization.

It also features numbers showing the actual strength of each unit in the Brigade in June 1944, and shows the number of men who took part in the Market Garden campaign air landing and what number were attached to the "sea tail" moving on land.

The original documents were provided by Andrew Parkes, who asked for my help in deciphering the document. He intends to use the information to improve upon his Polish Orders of Battle for the "Fire & Fury" rules.

The translated and transcribed roster/OoB also has the original documents attached to it, it can be downloaded from my google docs account as usual: HERE

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  1. I love this site and it’s resources polish information


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