31 August 2013

BF&S Lithuanian reiter company

It's been a long time since I painted something, for various reasons - but mainly because my Kolinsky brushes are worn out and it's hard to find replacements in Sweden as they are either sold out or not sold at all... Makes all painting much harder and slower.

Still I got back to painting the last couple of By Fire & Sword miniatures that I have at home, and finished a company of Reiter's which will be a welcome addition on both skirmish and division level for my Polish-Lithuanian army. Still have 3 more bases to paint, and I plan to do them after the weekend.

Very happy with how they are turning out and I think the colors I picked for them look real nice both on a single base as well as on a complete unit. Some of you may notice that I have bent the pistol arms of a couple of Reiter's to point forward - I did this since that looks both cooler but also makes it easier to keep the bases together than if the arms would be flailing to the sides.


  1. Great job but they far too 'uniformed' as for 17th century - to be honest I doubt if any reiter's units in Commonwealth's service (maybe except guard units) would have same colour of clothes in one company. Every reiter was buying clothes for himself, so it was total mix.

    1. Yeah I know, but they look so pretty :-D
      This will just have to be a suspension of disbelief moment. I really needed to paint some "uniformed" soldiers after 200+ Polish mixed clothing :-)


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