04 August 2013

Edge of the Empire campaign: Part 1

We started playing Edge of the Empire down at the club, and using the "Beginners game" as a jumpoff point. The characters for the campaign were however custom built instead of using the provided beginner characters. I hope to provide a more detailed description of the characters and the campaign in part 2 since we played through the beginner scenario and learned the rules using the very linear scenario.

Players and roles

Alexander (me) GM

Thomas "F6-1t" ("Fix-it"):
Race: Droid
Specialization: Mechanic
Obligation: Family
Motivation: Fighting for the weak

Johan "Thel Motwan"
Race: Human
Career: Explorer
Specialization: Scout
Obligation: Betrayal
Motivation:Ambition, Freedom,

David "Trassh"
Race: Trandoshian
Career: Bounty Hunter
Specialization: Gadgeteer
Obligation: Bounty

Story so far, it all starts out with the characters on the run from the agents of Teemo the Hutt, the crime lord of Mos Shuuta, a tiny spaceport on Tatooine. The latest delivery to the crime lord angered the recipient, who without explanation turned on the characters and seized their ship. Escaping from the guards the players battled through both Gammorean and Stormtrooper patrols, pacified a shopkeeper with the stun settings on their weapons and stole a necessary component needed to fix their broken and confiscated ship.

Blasting their way through the security of the space port control they forced the employee to unlock their ship and then locked her up in a small chamber. Reaching their ship the characters bluffed their way aboard, smooth talking the Trandoshian bounty hunter Trex into showing them where to install the faulty component.

With the repairs to the FTL done on the ground the characters distracted the bounty hunter while one of them snuck into the cockpit - ignited the engines and closed the ramp to the ship. Realizing that he was trapped and outgunned the bounty hunter asked to be dropped off - something the characters agreed upon. As soon as Trex hit the ground he signaled security droids to fire at the ship, but the shots flew wide and the characters managed to take off with the YT-1300 freighter and are now heading to a jump node for the planet Soccoro where they intend to swap ships.

This pretty much concluded the beginner game scenario, and the continuation will be custom written by me instead of using the beginner scenario continuation of "Long arm of the Hutt" adventure that you can download over at FFG.

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