09 August 2013

Edge of the Empire campaign part 2

With most of the beginner game completed I took the continued campaign into a fully customized direction using my own ideas and writing.

The player characters are:

Trassh (David),  a Trandoshian bounty hunter with a bounty on his head for having killed a Twi-Lek female during a speeder chase during his last job. He may act sulky or distant but is actually looking out for his friends.

F6-1t (Thomas), a droid mechanic who had been part of a droid cult searching for the soul in machines. He was freed by an Imperial raid and the sect was dissolved, though the founder and a couple of extremist droids continue a more radicalized cause with pirate methods. F6-1t is plagued by his time with the droid sect and feels like he still has an obligation to help droids in similar situations.

Thel Motwan (Johan), a Human Scout, previously employed by the Empire. His father is still an Imperial officer but Thel himself has distanced himself from the Empire and have been secretly helping out the Rebellion. Thel is currently in in great debt and is looking to scrape some money together to pay off his collectors.

These three met when Thel was looking for a mechanic to patch up his ship, a job taken by the droid F6-1t. These two later met Trassh who hired them to transport him between jobs and thus a business grounded friendship was formed between the three of them.
One of the main wishes of the guys was to swap the YT-1300 freighter for a YT-2400 freighter instead, so the adventure took them to the smuggler planet of Socorro, famed for its ship customization options. The three main areas of interest and encounters on Socorro saw the characters sell their YT-1300 at "Retzloff's shipyard", owned by a Sullustan named Jorund Retzloff. The characters had to haggle over the price and deduct the ship damage from the final cost paid by Jorund.

The only "worthy" ship in the shipyard was a heavily beaten up YT-2400 (of course) but I didn't want to give it away easily so the characters had to negotiate a price for it. Additionally the ship was in poor  condition and required a lot of testing and repair work to get working. Fortunately for the characters they managed to salvage most of the systems and repair what was needed which kept additional costs for spare parts to a minimum. They did however come up 40.000 credits short so they had to look for money or someone who could pay the difference for  them.

They met two characters other main characters on Socorro. One being a shady Corellian named Derek Bynar at the Black Dust Tavern who offered them a dirty job - retrieving some overdue payments from an investment into the sprice trade over at the Spice Terminus station. Derek Bynar said that a fellow named Noval Vargas owed him 50.000 credits, and that the characters would be paid 10k if they managed to retrieve the money. They were also free to rough him up and help themselves to anything they thought interesting in the store owed by Vargas.

The tone of Derek Bynar and the description of the job made the characters slightly suspicious, though their knowledge of the Underworld only confirmed that Derek Bynar had some kind of powerful connections- but they failed to place his name in a context.

Telling Bynar about their payment problems had the Corellian offer them a loan of the 40k they needed to pay off Jorund Retzloff (this increased the group obligation from 75 to 80!). Taking the loan also put a lot more pressure on them completing the job in a timely fashion.

The characters also made a trip down to the Gran arms dealer Charal Levven where they had heard they could sell their "obtained through questinable means" military grade Stormtrooper blaster rifle (picked up from a dead Stormtrooper in the last session). Levven, who had heard of the characters (through a successfull obligation check) purchased the rifle from them and told them that he had a "easy job". The job description was that the Empire is running lightly armed and  guarded convoys of weapons and equipment, Levven just happened to know their schedule and space node locations where they are the weakest. The convoys appear at the specified locations once a week and if the characters are interested he would tell them more. The "only" drawback of this job as the characters saw it, is that Levven stressed that there can be no survivors and no witnesses to their pirate act. The attack has to leave the convoy wiped out so that no one can suspect him or trace the attack back to his store at Socorro. In return for the captured cargo Levven would pay 20k upfront, and 60k more upon delivery.

The characters would think about it, but the job offered by Derek Bynar was a pressing issue and they wanted to finish that first before they started earning extra money, and money to pay off their new debt to Derek Bynar.

Plotting the trip took the characters in their newly patched up YT-2400 from jump node to jump node, with a calm journey until they reached the last jump node before the Spice Terminus station. As soon as they appeared out of Hyperspace they were jumped by a band of pirates flying Z-95 headhunter fighters backed up by a Marauder class Assault Corvette which had more Z-95 fighter groups in its fighter hold.
It looked really bad as the pilot character, Thel Motwan, had a problem hitting the correct jump co-ordinates, and when he finally calculated the jump the FTL needed 4 turns. With Trassh manning the one of the ship turrets firign at the approaching defenders F6-1t managed to disrupt the pirate ships combat efficienty with jamming signlas. Thel kept making evasive maneuvers and maxed out the rear shilds while F6-1t increased the shield generator output by 3 making the YT-2400 very hard to hit and harder to damage.

The characters destroyed the first wing of fighters only to see another wing being released and the Assault Corvette now breathing down their necks - firing turbolaser at close range. Dodging the projectiles the players jumped out of the combat as it started to get really hot - and arrived at the Spice Terminus station.

Unknowing, they were walking into a trap, as the whole quest given to them by Derek Bynar had been adjusted to fit the "Bounty" obligation which had been randomly determined at the start of the session.
Cautious the characters approached the store of Noval Vargas. Looking at it from the outside it looked deserted, the door was open. Entering the store, again with caution, they saw no one. Further investigation proved that there were scorch marks from a blaster weapon markign some of the walls and crates, the small room in the back of the store had a computer hooked up to a surveillance system but someone had already been there to wipe the recorded material.

Increasingly at a loss and sensing danger the characters tried to scan the area for lifeforms, but the store was being jammed - only telling them that something is there but little else.

Exiting the street looking around for a bit, the characters decided to investigate further, they remembered that they had not checked a shelf with documents in the small room, Thel snuck inside using his sneak - and noticed that something had been moved since they were last inside. Alerterted by this he moved deeper into the store, followed by F6-1t - Trassh stood guard outside.

As soon as the characters had split up so that Trassh was left alone, the window shuts came crushing down and the door to the store was locked. The lights inside the store went out and a concussion grenade went off, dazing the senses of F6-1t and Thel. Outside Trassh barely ducked for a sniper bullet passing his head and lost his turn sequence was automatically placed last in the initiative order.

Inside the store, Novel Vargas, a Kubaz  - and two mercenaries appeared and started blasting at the characters inside the store. Outside Derek Bynar appeared firing two heavy blaster pistols at Trassh, scoring critical hits. The street outside the store was now deserted and offered little cover so the fight was a shootout between the two characters outside. Inside both the villains and the heroes used interior furniture and inventory as cover as they traded shots. Vargas was then killed, and the two mercenaries followed him shortly thereafter being picked off by F6-1t and Thel.

Trassh was moderately injured and forced to use a stimpack to avoid being brought down to critical health levels, having already taken 2 critical hits he was unable to use any actions that would grant him a "boost die" (such as aiming his weapons). Still, he managed to fire back at Derek Bynar who had one of his heavy blaster pistols hit and destroyed. F6-1t hacked a console inside the store which brought up the metal shutters. Realizing he was now outnumbered 3 to 1 Derek Bynar activated a previously unseen hatch in the opposite wall and disappeared.

Trassh collected the broken pistol as a trophy and the characters swiped some Spice containers from the store before blending into the increasing amount of onlookers as they made their way to the hangar deck - avoiding the approaching guards.

The session ended with the characters losing the 5 obligation points made to Derek Bynar. Whoever he represented must have thought that the 40k would be a cheap price for the YT-2400 after the characters had been killed. Trassh also lost 5 obligation points for having overcome an assassination attempt which bolstered his self confidence. The group obligation is still very high, 70 points. And the group lacks money. They have a small amount of outlawed spice and their job offer from Charal Levven which seems interesting now more than ever as they are in dire need of money and their ship could benefit from some upgrades performed at Retzloff's shipyard.

[As a side note, Thomas has a collection of roughly 750 star wars collectable miniatures which he bought dirt cheap and which we use to represent the characters and villains in combat situations as the range band of weapons mixed with tactical combat benefits from having a physical representation of some kind -adding a bit of a tabletop RPG element to the game. Johan also printed out a floor plan for the YT-2400 ship which is used in this session.]

I had a great time and hope the guys did as well. I tried to write the encounters in such as way that every player could contribute with their skills and roles.  And now that we have a custom written campaign written from scratch and are free of the bounds of the “Beginner scenario” it will be easier to continue the story, especially with the new villains and actions performed in this session. I already have a bunch of ideas for the next game, and we still have one large encounter left for next time which we didn't have enough time to play (Charal Levvens proposed hit on the Imperial convoy).

Note: Freighter in the top left corner of the first picture is by Anton van Dort, you can find more of his drawings and art HERE


  1. Hi Anatoli,

    that sounds like a really entertaining campaign. Good luck with the rest of it!


    1. Thanks, it was great fun. At the moment it's hard to schedule the next game for the 4 of use involved, but I hope there will be a continuation sooner rather than later!

  2. That is an exciting story! Great reading, can't wait for the next installment.

  3. I'm going through the beginning campaign with my sons. I like the direction you went with it.


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