23 August 2013

Final week of Incursion Kickstarter

It's the final week of the Incursion Kickstarter guys and gals! For those of you still on the fence about this great indie boardgame, there are now two videos posted that show the gameplay and game mehcanics in superb detail (a long and a shortened version of the same video depending on your time allowance) - you should really get a good idea of what you are getting into by watching either of them.

And again, if you are just looking to buy some cool miniatures  then all the models are now available for purchase in separate packs - the price is a lot cheaper  for the plastic sets than if you would buy the blisters in metal so well worth considering. Of course Grindhouse still lets you buy the metal versions if you so prefer, of all new and old models.

There is also artwork for additional German stuff - Drop Troopers - heavily armored guys along the lines of the US APE's which I think would add a lot of really good ideas and possibilities - such as reversed roles with Germans invading a US/UK military base.

You can also check out the Incursion related content on my blog, which covers unit descriptions, AAR's and reviews over HERE

You can get to the Kickstarter campaign by clicking the picture below:

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