08 August 2013

Herman von Gantzkopf, reiter commander

This is one of the two historical commanders that are part of the Lithuanian Winged hussar skirmish list for By Fire & Sword. Figured I would start with Gantzkopf and follow that up with some reiter bases since I already have all the Winged Hussars and everything else for that list painted up (except for the commanding officer Wincenty Gosiewski).

You would think that after having painted 200+ cavalry miniatures you would go crazy painting even more cavalry - but painting a new type of cavalry such as the reiters is a nice enough break and change of pace. I figure the rest of the reiters will have elements of red and yellow on their clothing just like the command base.

The flag itself is hand painted and based upon a historical Lithuanian reiter flag which was lost to the Russians during the battle for Vilnius in 1655. I took some artistic liberty with the border pattern though.
You can read more about the flags in the last picture on this historical blog .

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