01 August 2013

Incursion boardgame Kickstarter begins

First off, if you are unfamiliar with Incursion you could check out my posts about the game, including reviews and AAR's posted here on my blog under "INCURSION".

Now, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Grindhouse Games intended to re-launch their game Incursion and the expansion SNAFU through Kickstarter. The reasons for this are many, but they hope that this new medium will provide a better producer-consumer channel and allow for a much better pinpoint of the demand which in turn reduces the strain on Grindhouse Games when they order the production of the copies.

Other things that are different this time around is that the game will be pretty much a Kickstarter exclusive deal. Retailers that want to get their hands on the game will be offered a special "Brick&Mortar" pledge level where they can buy copies of the game for their store - but the main offering of the campaign is directly aimed at regular gamers and backers.

Back during the first release the economic situation also made it impossible for Grindhosue Games to supply the boxed set with miniatures, instead you got cardboard stand-ups of the units - and had/could buy the metal miniatures to add a 3D aspect to your games.

With the help of Kickstarter Grindhouse Games intends to sell the boxed sets with a complete range of plastic miniatures that require no assembly and which come pre-painted in "faction colors", meaning that you can play it straight out of the box. As an added bonus to this treatment you get a lot for your money, basically all the miniatures in the Incursion range (x2 of each zombie) which is enough to play all scenarios in the box. There are also a couple of new faces that have been added to the previous sculpts (all new plastic models are based on the existing metal range) and 4 new missions to play. Those that prefer metal will still be able to buy all old and new miniatures in whatever material they like the most.

I myself mostly look forward to the new alternate sculpts of Gretel, which will be based upon the awesome new artwork which i truly love! And having all miniatures in plastic will also make it a much better "boardgame" experience if you want to run games on conventions or at your club without being affraid of chipping or dropping your expensive and well painted metal miniatures. Truth to be told I already have the complete range of miniatures from the 1st edition in metal and all painted up - but I really want to have the new plastic "gaming" miniatures for regular boardgaming.

The game was always praised for its gameplay, the crazy fun and the missions - but people always wanted to have real miniatures with the boxed set. This Kickstarter is the answer to that, and I believe there will be quite a few extra stuff packed into the campaign.

Also make sure to head over the the Grindhouse Games facebook page where Jim Bailey of Grindhouse Games is posting updates and answering all sorts of questions: GRINDHOUSE GAMES


Here are some pictures of what you can get in the new Incursion and SNAFU boxed sets!


  1. Hope it's a success. I have the game and would be interested in buying the minis but it doesn't look like that's an option sadly.

  2. The creator mentioned a minis-only option, or at least one for those who already have the game but not the miniatures? Check out the Metalhead pledge level!

    1. There are a number of new mini only options in the latest update that should allow you to buy the models you want

  3. Yep the first update is already covering the "minis only" desire of many folks that requested it yesterday.

  4. Why oh Why did this have to happen while I was away and incommunicado...

    1. I'm sure there will be some way to buy it outside of the Kickstarter as well once it is delivered :-)

      I heard something about West Wind probably getting a few copies for their internet store.


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