29 August 2013

Incursion Kickstarter 48 hours left big update!

As the Incursion Kickstarter campaign ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1440310529/incursion ) nears its end a big update has been posted about the news and there is a LOT of really good improvements for those still on the fence!

We have made SWEEPING changes to the campaign since its opening day. Some of the things we have done/achieved:

1. Provided European fulfillment so you pay no import duties in EU.

2. Added a free set of 24 Sturmzombies to the core pledge levels: Grinder and Double Feature yielding 77 and 94 figures (including some large ones) at base-buy in at each of those levels respectively.

3. Massively compressed stretch goals by almost 75%. As of this writing we have unlocked 13 stretch goals. This represents 27 new free figures with associated cards at the Buckets of Blood pledge level.

4. Increased flexibility of Buckets of Blood pledge level by allowing you to switch out the t-shirt and/or extra board for Add-on credit.

5. Added the much requested Fallschirmjager Drop Armor figures and cards.

6. Provided a complete game play video

7. Added two new pledge levels (SNAFU and Ala Carte) to better serve existing fans and provide more add-on flexibility for new fans.

With your help, we will get this campaign up to 205k and include many more free figures (including the new Fallschimjager drop armor in plastic), lots of dice, plastic doors, waterslide transfers, new sculpts, and more.

Since we are catering to a wide variety of desires within our existing fan base as well as new fans, the options available in the campaign may appear complex. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to send us an email or contact us through Kickstarter or ask your question on the Kickstarter comments section. We would be happy to personally walk you through your options if necessary. Here is a link to the pledge calculator that explains options:


Please help us by spreading this message to every forum, website, Facebook page, etc. that you know of. Feel free to copy and paste!

Thank you all in advance for your support and your help in bringing this incredible game to life in the form it deserves.


Jim Bailey and John Roberts

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