11 August 2013

Incursion kickstarter update

For those already owning the Incursion and SNAFU it may have been hard to justify jumping on the KS again - up until yesterday when it was made possible for you to cherry pick the contents that you like. I think the now possible option (named Ala Carte") of picking all the plastic miniatures and extra cards is really great if you already have the boardgame.

The plastic deals are still cheaper than if you would buy them in metal in separate blisters. And as I wrote in my last post on Incursion, I think plastic minis is the way to go for convention games and the general "board game" crowd - leaving your already painted metals for the wargaming table where they are at lesser risk of being chipped by unused handling.

The stretch goals have also been adjusted to be more within reach so all in all it should increase the appeal of the campaign to both new and old Incursion fans! And if you are just looking for some grea plastic miniatures for other Weird WW2 games then the latest Ala Carte pledge level allows you to pick whataver you need for your games.So check it out by clicking the picture below!

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