12 August 2013

Short break

I'm taking a short break from the blog, just a couple of days, as all my spare time is going into a very exciting little project which I hope to share with you guys once it's done. I'm translating the Polish army manual for the infantry from 1934 which covers small unit tactics on a team, platoon and company level.

This is part of me helping a friend in the wargaming community since Polish sources about this are hard to find in English and information is needed to give a historically accurate depiction of Polish small unit tactics.

It may appear really nerdy, but the manual is actually very exciting. It's very interesting reading about how the Polish infantry was trained and what was expected of them in different situations. It includes lots of stuff that I would have never been able to imagine, but which correspond with the battle descriptions and memories from the September Campaign told by veterans.

When I was working on my September Campaign book I was very interested in finding stuff on small unit tactics/platoon level operations but it was really hard. I only managed to find this army manual through pure luck after searching the internet. For those of you fluent in Polish here is the original file which I'm translating:http://www.cytadela.aplus.pl/tematy_woj/musztra_new/regpiech.pdf

So the first post when I get back to the blog will most likely be a PDF with the interesting parts of the manual translated into English :-)


  1. Very cool and not at all nerdy. I would love a copy of this when you are done. Since my grandfather (or dziadek as we called him) was with 55th Infantry regiment in 1939 he probably learnt from that very manual.


  2. Sounds like an awesome project, Anatoli. Good luck!

  3. I will upload and make it available for free like all other WW2 resources in the past, don't worry about that :-)

  4. Actually I don't find that project to be too nerdy. Quite the contrary it sounds really interesting to me. I hope you'll keep us in the loop about it.


  5. Wow, sounds like a great work indeed. Keep it up and bring us more :)


  6. That would be great! You realize you could do an article for battle front with this for flames of war!!! =)

    1. Battlefront does unfortunately care little for my work.
      However my work with this project should bare fruits in the Polish Chain of Command supplement. That should be released some time later this year after the main rulebook (which comes out this month). I’m very excited to see the small unit tactics being properly implemented in a miniature wargame and the dedication of the Too Fat Lardies should not disappoint :-)

  7. Wow that sounds like an awesome project! This'll also be a very handy resource for reenactors, thank you!

    1. That is exactly what it is used for in Poland, the original army book was transcribed to digital form my a Polish re-enactment group. My translation work will cover roughly 50% of the 120 page book and will as such be an "abridged" version.

      The parts I have skipped over are weapon drills and the first half of the book which is about military drills. There will be information on unit movement and formations in combat though.

      What I have focused on are the combat instructions for single soldiers, teams, platoons and companies - as those are the things that are going to be depicted and recreated on the tabletop.

      If I had time or did this professionally I would translate the whole thing, but the reason for this project was to help out Too Fat Lardies with the Polish small unit tactics for their upcoming game and I will do anything to help such a project out in making that depiction as historically accurate as possible.


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