27 August 2013

This was not your place sir! Kolejka session

I brought "Kolejka" down to the club this weekend and we managed to play a 5-player session, with lots of laughs and tactical thinking. It’s a real easy game to get into with fun gameplay and a lot of weighing your limited options and taking chances. I really like it, and the guys with whom I played seemed to like it as well.

It's easy to teach and plays fast, think we finished within 90 minutes. So it's a game which can be part of a boardgame evening/afternoon where you play several shorter games and still offer a very enjoyable time.

The devilish ways each player can alter the order in each queue and ultimately also close down stores at critical moments adds a ton of tactical thinking and since everyone has the same 10 queuing cards with effects to use you can deduct what people have left in their deck and use that knowledge to further your own goals. There is also a surprising amount of tension and worrying about the line being altered or tampered with before you get to the front door.

I think also think the theme is really strong in this game, and it's easy to laugh about the ongoing misery of queuing to an empty store.

I really recommend this worker placement/euro type game.

Our 5-player session actually ended a draw between two players since both had the same amount of shopping list items in their possession and no extra items. No one was  close to actually finishing their shopping list of 10 items though which was quite fitting for the whole game.

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