25 August 2013

Trying out Chain of Command today

Very excited as I'm about to leave for the club where we will try out Chain of Command today. We will run Early War with FoW based infantry, so the army lists aren't 100% finished and the basing is less than ideal - but it should not be in the way of trying out the gameplay and mechanics of the game.

I'm very interested in the vehicle combat in particular, since the game has a pretty detailed damage chart that allows vehicles to be damaged, such as having the main gun or tracks destroyed but still fight on. Imo that is a crucial amount of detail for platoon level games, if you just have a couple of vehicles they should really feel interesting to use and to fight - and not just go up in flames because they were hit once by an enemy AT weapon.

I'm currently determined to run Chain of Command in 15mm to make use of the terrain that I have and which we have down at the club for Flames of War. The ground scale is also better suited for 15mm, and I think that the tables can be really interesting and provide some really cool setups on this smaller scale. Basing will probably be done on 15-20mm round bases, not decided yet - but single based miniatures are a must since there is a fair amount of detail in how you run your troops and how you can split off men to create smaller units and teams from a squad. You can also lose specific members of a squad or team, so you really want to have individual casualty removal.

The game we are going to play today is based in Early War 1939, but since it will be quite cheap and quick to get a new platoon in 15mm I am also considering other armies and periods once the Poles are finished. This game could actually make stuff like the Winter War or Continuation War work really well, and it would be nice to field a platoon of Finns vs Soviets.

Expect a report from the game and a review of the rules this coming week.


  1. Enjoy! I'm basing up some US and Germans in Greatcoats right now. This game has so much potential. Just need to try it out!

  2. A few guys tried it at my club today. They seemed to enjoy it even commenting on how good a set of rules it is. I will wait until I try it for myself though. Nice to hear your thoughts and ideas. I am very interested in how it translates to 15mm .

  3. In my club we played it in 10mm - was great! I'm afraid that this is much more infantry game than the tanks - becouse of its mechanic - one or two tanks per side will enought.

  4. Magnus and I really liked it (I outright love several mechanics, such as the light mortar smoke, vehicle rules, and shock/pinning). Will post my first impressions of the game tomorrow along with pictures :-)


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