05 August 2013

Vader and elite Imperial pilots vs elite Rebels AAR

Brought X-wing down to the club so that David could take Darth Vader for a spin with my newly purchased Tie-Advanced. We both ran lists with elite pilots and maxed out our points into skills and equipment for the ships.

Imperial force:

- Darth Vader, swarm tactics and cluster missiles

- Howlrunner, expert handling
- Black Squadron fighter, expert handling

- Turr Phennir, elusiveness

Rebel Force:
Wedge Antilles, R2-F2 astromech, Proton torpedo's

Gold Squadron pilot, R2-D2, Ion cannon turret, proton torpedo's

Arvel Crynd, Homing missiles

To test out Vader we simply ran a regular dogfight. This started out very badly for the Rebels, as Darth Vader used swarm tactics to destroy the rebel A-wing pilot in the opening shots with the help of a nearby Tie-Fighter. This instantly put the rebels as a 4vs2 disadvantage. Still Wedge Antilles and the Y-wing blasting its Ion cannon and firing rockets managed to wear down the some of the enemy fighter, Wedge just ran out of luck as soon as he managed to destroy a Tie fighter (he was hit by critical damage drawing double damage cards in the return fire.

The lone Y-wing was now fighting a 3 vs 1 fight, but through sheer luck, Ion cannons and using its slow speed of all things it managed to evade the remaining Empire fighters and actually destroy everyone except for Darth Vader. Vader himself had trouble chasing the Y-wing as he kept bumping into it, the fight ended with Vader making a bad plotting decision which brought him off table - unable to turn fast enough to remain on it!

The fight ended as another "noob beats pro's" story, though for a change it was a newbie Y-wing pilot beating the Imperials rather than a newbie Tie-fighter pilot beating the rebels.

The battle proved how dangerous Vader can be, swarm tactics with such a high pilot rating can be devastating, and Vader/the Tie-Advanced being able to target lock and fire missiles is also a deadly change of dynamics in a X-wing battle.  I really look forward to playing another fight with Vader or any other Tie Advanced based pilot on the table.


  1. Hi Anatoli,

    a nice report and some very god pictures.


  2. Hi Anatoli! Very inspirational article. Keen on starting to
    play this game. Keep up the good work with your blog.

    cheers / Ptr

  3. Interesting your comments about 'bumping into'... can this happen in the game and what happens when ships do so. Is Ramming a viable tactic?

    1. What happened was that I was going at such a slow speed, and being at a lower skill I was moving first. When Vader was moving he attempted to chase the Y-wing at his own slowest speed but kept overlapping the Y-wing and thus "bumping" into it.

      When you bump into someone in X-wing you move the bases so that they are in contact - those two models can then not fire at each other or perform any additional actions during that turn. They may still fire at other targets if they can though.

      Since ships don't do any damage to each other from this overlapping/bumping into each other ramming isn't a viable tactic if you want to damage the opponent. But you can still use some of your ships to block the movement of the enemy who is then left without any special actions (such as targtet lock, evade, focus) - and that can be critical.

      The only thing that can damage ships if you move into it are asteroids.


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