17 August 2013

Victory Decision: Poles vs Soviets 1939 demo

A few of the guys at the club are looking into alternatives for Flames of War, and in particular games that allow them to play with 15mm multibased infantry. So I ran a demo of Victory Decision for David down at the club, we both used our Early War Poles and Soviet troops. Granted that Victory Decision is a game on platoon level and not company level like Flames of War  - but it can still be used to play out smaller , or "zoomed in", fights that can't be represented in Flames of War due to each unit being a full platoon.

The game was 1500 points per side, using the 1939 Polish and Soviet briefings. I ran a Polish rifle platoon and David ran a Soviet cavalry platoon. The scenario was quite simple, capture and hold the objective in the middle of the table (crossroads).

Polish units:

1x HQ rifle team
3x Rifle sections
1x wz.30 HMG team
2x AT rifle teams
1x 7TP jw tank
1x wz.34 armored car with MG
1x TKS FK38 tankette
1x AT gun section with 2x 37mm AT guns

(I noticed after the game that I had accidently used one more heavy support option than I should have, but on the other hand, neither the tankettes nor the armored car inflicted any casualties or damage during the battle to the opponents so I guess it didn't matter).

Soviet units:

1x Cavalry HQ
3x Cavalry sections
1x Cavalry HMG team
1x Mortar team
2x units of 2x BA-10 armored cars

(All soviet units were "Tank hunters" and equipped with explosive charges)

The battle started with an overwhelming Soviet initiative, the Soviet cavalry managed to get up to and into the village before most of the Polish units had time to react. The Polish advance was slow and slowed down even further by a pair of armored cars overlooking the road through the village.

Anti-tank fire was exchange by the armored vehicles in the village with no effect, but the Polish infantry small arms fire managed to reduce and force back one of the Soviet cavalry units holding the church ruins. On the opposite flank a BA-10 scored a direct hit on a Polish HMG team firing from the window of a farmhouse and destroyed them. In return a Polish AT-gun and AT-rifle combo knocked out both Soviet armored cars on the left flank. Trying to push into town and flank some Soviet units the Polish wz.34 armored car made a reckless move and ended up being attacked by satchel charges - and destroyed.

The Soviet's still held the center of the village, and managed to knock out the tankette approaching the left side of the village by the railtracks with explosive charges. Another attack from the Soviet side was made with satchel charges against the only remaining Polish armored vehicle -the 7TP tank which was damaged and had only a single structure point left. Fortunately for the Poles both remaining Soviet BA-10 cars operating inside the village were knocked out by lucky AT-rifle and 7TP main gun fire. After this the Soviet cavalry units charged forth and attacked the approaching Polish infantry on the left flank outside the village and in the village center, inflicting heavy casualties but also taking heavy casualties in the return fire soon thereafter.

The battle finally ended when the bloodied Soviet force dropped below 1/4th of their starting numbers - the Polish force was not far behind with their breaking point being 6 infantrymen away. So a very close and a most pyrrhic Polish victory was achieved.


  1. Excellent stuff, looks like a great game - and always good to see more of the Polish and Soviets. Superb write up and great photos, keep up the good work sir!

  2. Nice AAR, Anatoli. What did you think of the ruleset? Platoon level looks more sensible and less crowded for 15mm.

    1. It's better than Bolt Action, it resolves activation and pinned down in a similar but imo better way (you roll for initiative on each unit as you attempt to take turns and units with pinned markers cannot fire with that many soldiers -and in the end may end up breaking and starting to fall back.

      But still not really what I am looking for and a bit too gamey for my taste to properly represent platoon level actions. But if I had to pick between this and Bolt Action I would pick Victory Decision without hesitation.

      I'm looking forward to see how Chain of Command turns out, judging by the videos of the gameplay it should be closer to what I'm after.


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