09 September 2013

BF&S Lithuanian Reiter squadron finished

Last 3 bases of Reiters painted up, which means I can field a full squadron of them along with the historical commander Gantzkopf. These models are all painted in a very uniform look, which would perhaps not be historically supported. But I just wanted to paint the troops a bit different than my regular Polish units, and also wanted a change of pace from painting each rider in different colors in order to speed up the painting a little.

As a unit, Reiter's are ridiculously versatile when it comes to including them in army lists. At the moment I am able to field them as part of the regular, and the Winged Hussar, Lithuanian skirmish lists. I can also field them as a regiment to support my Polish division if I get another box of armored Reiter's in the future, for now I can opt to field them as divisional support units.

You can also use the models for Courland and the city of Gdansk skirmish lists. And I am pretty sure that they will be part of any of the upcoming Danish, Imperial and Brandenburg PDF lists - just need to get some armored Reiter's as well. But at the moment, and after having painted some 300 cavalry models, I am pretty tired of painting cavalry. I look forward to starting a Cossack skirmish force sometime next month (which is why I'm eagerly waiting for the remainder of my BF&S Kickstarter which includes Ivan Bohun who I will use as a Cossack skirmish commander :-D )


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