29 September 2013

Clickers: Second flyer and humanoid Clicker

At this rate I will be painting Bedlam Brotherhood next week, here are the next two Clickers. And with these two painted up, all the "bare metal" models are finished, and I have 4 Clicker humanoids in torn clothes left to paint.

I really like these minis, and am very glad I added them to my pledge. Can't wait for their rules to be released. As for the bases, I decided to make them very colorful to better contrast the metallic paints of the models. I also painted the "faces" of the Clickers in gold to make the facial features and the eyes a bit more pronounced.

Unfortunately my brushes didn't arrive this Friday, so I spent Saturday prepping the last 4 models, painting all the metal areas and the bases. Hopefully the brushes will show up on Monday so I can quickly finish the clothes and move on to the Bedlam Brotherhood :-D


  1. Great work, Alexander!
    How do you prime the flyers without spraying their flight stand?

  2. I spray the base and the model separately, and assemble it all with the flight stand once everything is painted.

  3. I did trim the flight stand with a file and a knife so that the plastic top had parts that angled well against the metal of the miniature. It really helps if you want to keep it in place without resolving to using a pin. I was considering magnets but the one's I had (FoW tank turret magnets) were a tad too big and it also made applying them to the model in my desired angles very difficult.

  4. Excellent, these are steadily rising to the top of my wants list!

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