01 September 2013

Invasion of Poland 1939 anniversary post

It has become something of a tradition here on my blog to post something related to the invasion of Poland 1939 on September 1st the past couple of years. Two years ago I posted my very first (and very rough) version of a campaign book for Flames of War with some background, some scenarios and some new units.

Last year I released the improved and complete "The September Campaign version 2", and orders of battle book with army lists for the Poles, Germans, Soviets and Slovaks to be used with Flames of War - again driven by my burning interest for the "early-Early War". It was a huge project and a lot of research and work, on a scale that I will probably never be able to muster the strength to repeat.

A few months later, having charged my batteries I made a big effort to research and compile a campaign book, "Poland in Flames" which allows players to replay almost every single major battle during the campaign from Polish, Slovak, German and Soviet point of view. Though it was written with Flames of War in mind I always saw the content as open ended enough to be easily adapted with any WW2 ruleset players may want to use.

This year I have no big coherent special project to release, but there have been a few significant releases on the invasion of Poland nonetheless. My recent contact with Too Fat Lardies saw the  translation of the Polish army manual for infantry which once again should serve as a valuable resource to any wargamer or rules writer interested in specific details on Polish team, platoon and company level operations during the late inter war period leading up to and including the 1939 campaign.

The Too Fat Lardies collaboration also led to the recent release of the Polish infantry platoon, the first official expansion for Chain of Command, available for free download. I also emailed TFL drafts of Polish cavalry and motorized infantry platoons which should round off the 1939 Polish forces quite nicely - and with that I also emailed a draft for 1939 German motorized and regular infantry platoons along with a list of support options. Hopefully we will see those released shortly :-)

And hopefully 1939 Slovak and Soviet lists will follow soon after that to finish of everything needed for the Polish campaign. I think Chain of Command works really well and should offer really interesting games using the Early War forces which are definitely allowing for a new gameplay experience on platoon level as opposed to the company level that I have been playing for the past two years.

Make sure to check out the PDF books (all available for free)

The September Campaign version 2 and Poland in Flames (compilation)

September Campaign OoB book

Poland in Flames campaign book

Soldier memories from the September Campaign

Polish army manual for infantry

Polish infantry platoon for Chain of Command

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  1. Hi Anatoli,

    an interesting post and some good pics and sources. Thanks for sharing them.



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