21 September 2013

Polish 7TP light tank company finished

I'm pretty much collecting and finishing my Polish army from the opposite direction if you compare to how most FoW armies are collected (tank companies first and infantry companies last).  I’ve been playing infantry company variants since the release of the Blitzkrieg book and all the way through both versions of my own campaign book. Though I have begun to fill the gaps in my tank force, finishing the Warsaw HQ tank company, the 21st Light tank battalion company of R-35 tanks and now the 7TP light tank company.

I love painting Polish vehicles, mainly due to the camp pattern – which I have over the last year altered by going from Bleached Bone to Dark Sand for the light patches which are closer to the historical color – but mainly paint quicker as it covers a lot better. But there is also something about the 7TP tank design that I love – I simply find the tank to look pretty cool. Now if only someone made proper Polish Vickers E tanks my collection of tank forces would be complete…

And speaking of the 7TP tanks, this and the twin turret platoon were both gifts from fellow gamer and WWPD.net forum member Chris Miller in the US. He offered me a bunch of Polish models as a gift a couple of months ago, I was so happy and grateful that I offered to paint up whatever he wanted in return.

One final thing, I covered the platoon commander markings which I had been using up to this point with paint. The Poles did historically cover all their tactical markings after a few days of fighting - but it is not only for historical reasons. I could not find my transfer sheet to use on the 3rd platoon commander. And in the end decided that the large markings were attracting too much attention from my opponents and a much more discrete marking was the way to go.
My next Polish Flames of War project will be to buy another platoon of tankettes, and between 4-7 wz.29 armored cars so I can run the Polish "Armoured unit" reconnaissance list from my campaign book. Probably the most flimsy but at the same time awesome list if you like to play with tankettes and armored cars :-D
The main problem here is that True North/Old Glory are the only one's having the wz.29 in 15mm scale, and their miniature is very bare bones in terms of detail and lacks both the rear hull and rear turret MG (then you add the price for a single car...).

If I get their models I will have to add some leftover tankette machineguns  to make the cars armed accurately because they don't look the part without these two machineguns.


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