16 September 2013

Resin objective markers painted up

These are the resin objective markers from Army Group North that I reviewed a couple of days ago. Here is how they look painted up. The Polish eagle badge objective still wins hands down in terms of detail and "cool" but the Canadian Queens own rifles badge is a close second.

Below are 4 Polish, 4 German/Axis, 4 Soviet, 2 Canadian, 1 British and 1 US objective (the last 4 will be used for everything "Allied"). As I said in my previous post, these will be used as patrol and jump-off markers for my Chain of Command games.


  1. Very nice. I like the eagles the best.

  2. These look great. The Polish and Canadian ones are fantastic. The others are much more utilitarian but still look good.

  3. Whoa! These are brilliant. Thanks for providing the heads up.


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