11 September 2013

Resin objective markers from Army Group North

About 2 years ago I got in touch with Army Group North, the Canadian WW2 miniature manufacturer, and asked about Polish objective markers which had been mentioned on the TMP forum.  The owner Vincent sent me 4 Polish and 4 German objective markers which have been used extensively for my WW2 gaming.

The Polish objective marker in particular was very eye catching, as it was based upon the Polish eagle badge used on Polish czapka hats during WW2. It has superb detail, and the fact that it is still being used up to this day makes it possible to use this particular objective marker for anything modern warfare related - such as Polish forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fast forward two years and we have the arrival of Chain of Command, which uses patrol markers and jump-off points for unit deployment. I realized that the objective markers from Army Group North would be perfect for this. So I got in touch with Vincent over at AGN again, and since our last talk he had boosted the range of objective markers with a UK, US, Soviet and Canadian to compliment his Polish and German markers.

The price for these are 8 dollars for 6 markers, and you can pick and choose whichever you like in whatever quantity. So I ordered 12 markers so that I can (with the markers I already have) field 4 Axis, 4 Western Allied, 4 Polish and 4 Soviet patrol markers in Chain of Command - covering my potential areas of interest or at least providing my opponents with the same type of patrol markers which I intend to use.

Of the new objective markers, the most striking is the Canadian one which I highly recommend, its based upon the Canadian Queens own rifles badge and though small it holds the same level of detail as the Polish eagle badge. The rest of the markers are basic but still nice. The size of the markers is 2" across, which is smaller than the regular patrol marker and bigger than the regular jump-off point for Chain of Command - but - since you always measure from the middle of the marker anyway the size difference is not going to affect anything.

I'll see if I can get these painted up this week and return with more pictures of the end result.
You can read more about how I painted my Polish eagle badge objectives HERE

How to order:

You will need to contact Vincent directly through the contact email at Army Group North since the objective markers are not visible in the internet store.
The email is sales@agnminiatures.com


  1. Looks good, I´m considering ordering some of their WW2 vehicles to see their quality.

  2. Hi Anatoli,

    that looks good.
    It makes me think about custom markers for my paras...


  3. Lovely. PLease drop a line on the TFL group about these.

    1. I already posted on the forum, I find that things are buried and lost very fast in the yahoo group - but may of course post there as well if you think it's necessary :-)


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