27 September 2013

The Clickers: Walker and flyer

First two Clickers painted up, I'm focusing on the Clickers that are "bare metal" at the moment since I'm still waiting for my paintbrushes to arrive (I hope they will arrive today). I also specifically chose to paint these two up because the walker and the flyers are the most complex miniatures in the faction - the "robot-zombies" will be much easier to paint and are smaller.

I was thinking on how to paint the Clickers, I knew I wanted them painted in metal colors - but metal is always tricky to work with imo and it doesn't behave like normal colors. In the end I settled for a darkened bronze color which I find offers an interesting look and is quite easy to work with (highlights and weathering is easy to apply). It's also relatively fast way to paint the metal areas of the models as I undercoat everything black, basecoat with Vallejo Bronze and GW Boltgun metal. Then I apply a heavy mix of the following washes: Badab Black, Thraka Green and Devlan Mud. This not only darkens the bronze, but takes away the shiny tint, which in turn makes it very easy to highlight with Vallejo Silver.

For the flyer I considered painting the membrane of the wings to look as if they were partially constructed of wood or fabric, but decided against it simply based upon the perceived "low durability" of such a construction. Fabric would probably not support the weight and with the metal limbs it would be easy for the robot to rip its wings apart. Wood would not be as easy to break, but would also not be very durable or offer any long term quality. I'm sure that whoever designed the Clickers would not settle for subpar materials for his products.
As a side note, once I had painted these I saw the update on the Empire of the Dead: Requiem page, Ruben who has painted all the miniatures for West Wind during the campaign had assembled and painted the same minis that I had just painted. The difference was that he had mounted the wings on the flyer facing the other direction. I admit I was a bit confused, and I think I have mounted the wings on my flyer facing the wrong direction. The reason for this error was that I thought the way I had mounted mine made most sense - they look properly shaped like butterfly wings or whatever. But having seen Ruben's miniature I noticed the details on the wings really make most sense if you mount them the way he has done.

It's too late for me to do anything about it, not that it bothers me a lot, but still I'm surprised I didn't notice that during assembly or even considered it during painting until I saw Ruben's models.


  1. Awesome job, as always, Alexander. Also, I think the wings look great - even better than the other way.

  2. Thanks, the wings are not really that big of a problem -but I still can't believe I missed the way they should have been facing!

  3. I like the bronze color it works very well.

  4. Very nice. The wings aren't really that noticeable to be honest.


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