26 September 2013

The Clickers WIP (from EotD: Requiem Kickstarter)

I received my Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter parcel yesterday, so the blog will shift back to one of my favorite genres - "Gothic Horror" for the next few weeks in terms of models and painting.

Starting with the Clickers, this is one of the most anticipated factions, and one of two addon factions, that I pledged for in the Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter. The Clickers are "Infernium" powered clockwork robots, their existence was hinted at in the core rulebook with a poster of a "clockwork servant".

I love this faction, there are many surprises here, even though they resemble the artwork. What is most striking is the "robot-zombie"/"Victorian Terminator" look of  the humanoid robots. 4 out of 5 are dressed in torn clothes. Then you get 3 insect like Clickers, two flying and one large spider like walker.

They are just super cool and as you may suspect - will be the first couple of miniatures to be painted. For those assembling the insect like Clickers, have some patience as they are a bit fiddly. Everything comes with cast pins and holes to allow solid assembly, but you need to shorten the cast pins to make everything fit. The first picture in this shows which parts belong to which miniature - it's not that hard to figure out.

I also find the "facial" expressions on the Clickers to look a bit sad and lost which just gives me a lot of ideas for campaign games and stories revolving them losing their home (the factory) in a fire or something due to the attack of technology hating activists - maybe their human creator and factory owner was killed in the process and the Clickers now roam the London streets and surrounding countryside, being half programmed and not really understanding what's going on. I also imagine the spiderlike Clicker to be some sort of "Queen" able to at least have some kind of control over the rest who probably are regular "workers" (hence the lack of weapons).

Also a quick comment on the quality of the castings and miniature sculpts, everything is cast in very high quality metal with very few and hair thin mouldlines. The features and details of each model are very sharp. I started taking pictures of everything else, but the pictures of the models ended up being very bad as it is hard to take proper pictures of unbased miniatures from an above angle. I did however manage to get fairly good pictures of the laser cut tokens and resin urban bases.

In the box you also get a voucher that gives you 10% off any purchase in the West Wind store. This voucher is not tied to any single range, everything goes, and it is valid for 6 months so no need to rush with your order. A very nice touch on West Wind's part!
Wooden laser cut counters, I like them a lot, they were easy to remove from the sheet, no cleaning up of the edges was necessary. You also get a back of black plastic counters that you can - as an option - glue to the back of the wooden status counters. I guess this is for durability (for those afraid of breaking the cog edges) but I think the tokens counters are solid enough to work without the plastic part and will keep them without that addition. You get enough tokens from a single sheet to provide two players with a maxed out amount of status counters, as such this was a very good investment.
 The resin bases are also very nice, I picked a single back to check the quality (which is great). These will be reserved for the "Bedlam Brotherhood" and painted to look like the floor of an asylum.
I am very happy with the miniatures I pledged for, there was a lot that I just could not squeeze in due to my cash limit at the time - but I still got pretty much everything I wanted even though some hard choices had to be made towards the end.

My list of stuff from the Kickstarter which you may expect to see in the near future:

 23+5 Early bird 1

Add-on items
Bedlam brotherhood
The Cllickers
Cobblestone bases
Steam Gyrocopter
Order of the dragon thugs

Requiem points (28)

Order of dragon (8)
Gentlemen with guns (5)
Prof Gecko 2
Lightning Jack 1
Incscruitable Tong 1
Invisible man 1
Quatermain 1
Nemo 1
Burke & Hare 2
the Monster 2
Steam cannon 2
Tesla projector 2

Additionally, for helping out West Wind during the campaign I was offered to pick anything I wanted as a thanks for the help. Knowing I was already neck deep in miniatures, and not wanting to be greedy I picked the "special weapon sprue" and the wonderful "Steam Powered Exo-skeleton". The weapon sprue is really good and will be used for some conversions of the requiem limited edition characters and some other miniatures I already own and intend to use for the Empire of the Dead game. I also figured I would add some weaponry to the Steam Gyrocopter and Exo-Skeleton pilots  :-D


  1. Nice haul, looking forward to mine :-)

    1. It will be nice to paint some 28mm again as I've been painting hordes of 15mm historical miniatures over the past 6 months or so.

      I also really like painting miniatures for Empire of the Dead and similar games, where every model is unique as it means I can try out new ideas, color mixes and techniques as well as being able to finish a model in half a session (as opposed to spending 3-4 sessions to finish a 15mm unit).

      What did you get for yourself Scott?

  2. That's an impressive haul! I like what you've done with the spider clicker too.

    1. Thanks, and yeah that is quite a bit of metal to paint. But I think it will be done relatively fast as I always have a good time and keep a good pace with the 28mm stuff :-)

      Speaking of miniatures, I just saw then on the KS page, made me realize that I had mounted the wings on my flyers backwards... too late to change now. I'm still baffled I didn't notice that until after I had seen Ruben's minis. It didn't occur to me during assembly or even painting that something may be wrong - as I perceived the way I had mounted the wings to make most sense (they look like butterfly wings that way) and some details looked weird from the other way around. The shape of the wings tricked me.


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