14 September 2013

Wincenty Gosiewski Lithuanian hetman painted up

I painted up Wincenty Gosiewski yesterday, the Lithuanian hetman and commander of the highly elite Winged hussar skirmish list that you can field in By Fire & Sword. The list is not only elite because of the Winged hussars, a great chunk of the list is made up of Reiter's with skill 5, which is 1 more than Polish-Lithuanian Reiter's usually have.

The command model was very nice and painted up well, I used him with a regular bugler and banner man from the "Polish commanders" blister where I swapped out the generic commander for Gosiewski himself.
The flag is supposedly historical in pattern and colors, it's also hand made and hand painted. Sometimes it's nice to paint a historical banner that isn't complex or full of tiny details.

I look forward to give the Winged Hussar skirmish list a baptism of fire down at the club tomorrow, it will be great to play with a lot of newly painted models

This was also actually the last bit of By Fire & Sword stuff I had left to paint for the time being (eagerly waiting for the arrival of Polish infantry blisters from the KS). I'm saving a few of the Kickstarter characters  for my near future Cossack skirmish force project which will be using a lot of those (Konrad the boss, Cossack witch etc will be used on command bases).


  1. Another great painting as always:)

  2. Very nice figures, and I must say that your flag is really impressive! Great work...

  3. These are beautiful. Very nice work indeed.

  4. Tanks guys, got to use this commander in our last By Fire & Sword game - battle report coming in a day or two :-D


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