07 September 2013

X-wing: Dark whispers AAR

Another game with my friend Daniel handling the Rebel Alliance and me playing as the Empire. As always we ran a 100 point fight, this time we played the Dark Whispers scenario where the empire has to scan some satellite beacons and escape off the table with the information.

I ran a pure elite force with
Tie Fighters: Winged Gundard, Mauler Mithel, Backstabber
Tie Interceptors: Turr Phennir, Saber Squadron Pilot

Daniel ran a pure green force without a single character to max out the number of ships.
His force was made up of 2 X-wings, 2 A-wings and 1 Y-wing.

The rolls in this game were a bit better than in our previous one, but I still rolled pretty badly on the attack dice and Daniel rolled above average on the Agility dice. It was a real slugfest, but the number of Rebel ships proved to be a big problem and it was hard to the empire to scan the satellite beacons. I lost 3 of my Imperial Fighters and the two remaining fighters were damaged, the Rebels on the other hand only lost their Y-wing and took some light damage to their ships.

It was really exciting towards the end however, as I managed to scan the last satellite and started by dash for the friendly table edge with the Saber Squadron pilot - 4 rebel ships in tow. Fortunately the Rebel pilots became confused and lost some time maneuvering into the right position which limited the number of rebel ships which could fire at me while I was fleeing. At the very edge of the table I took a hit which would have destroyed my fighter but I managed to dodge the attack, and in the last turn I was out of reach for the closest X-wing and managed to flee of table. A real close victory, and a truly great and tense game!


  1. Nothing better than a close game. I like the gaming mat, is it home made?

    1. No it's one of the GaleForce9 spacemats :-)

  2. Thanks for the battle report yours are always so well done.

  3. Another good AAR.

    Thanks, Anatoli.

  4. Hey guys.. Vet ni om det finns en förening eller en liten samling med folk som spelar X-wing i Göteborg?


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