05 September 2013

X-wing: Successfull senator escort

Played X-wing with my friend Daniel a while ago, and I played the Empire for a change in both our games. I'm very used to playing the Rebel Alliance so I was unused to the Empire ships even though I had played against them multiple times.  Likewise Daniel had never before played the Rebel's so he faced the same initial learning curve.

As usual we played a 100 point game, and we played the Senator shuttle escort scenario.

Daniel ran 2 X-wings (1 being Luke Skywalker), 1 A-wing and 1 Y-wing.
I ran Darth Vader in his Tie-Advanced, 2 Tie Fighters and 2 Interceptors.

The game was quite even, we both rolled pretty badly on the attack dice, as far as I can remember we did not have a single casualty on either side! The senator shuttle managed to sneak past the dogfighting and despite coming under heavy fire towards the end it escaped with a couple of hull points left. One more turn and it had been destroyed - but the rebel fighters provided enough distraction to prevent that from happening.


  1. Great pics. Sounds like it was a proper furball too!

  2. Yea, looks like a good outing!

  3. It was a surprisingly even fight, which was a welcome change of pace.

  4. Very good AAR and excellent pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.



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