03 October 2013

Alice from the Bedlam Brotherhood

First character from the Bedlam Brotherhood painted up, been looking forward to painting Alice since I saw the artwork back during the Kickstarter. As she is the centerpiece of the Bedlam Brotherhood gang and probably the most complex and time consuming miniature to paint I began with her.  I'm confident the rest of the gang of murderous crazies will look great with her standing in the middle.

I tried out my idea of "crayon graffiti" on the asylum floor bases, I will make personalized doodles for each asylum inmate and in different colors to make the bases a bit more interesting.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, I need to fix the inside of her left side hair, I realized it once the pictures were taken that it looks way too flat. It is partially the fault of the camera angle because there are strands of hair lined up perfectly - but I'll need to add some more shading and highlight there during my next painting session.

  2. Painting her and the cat in the Disney colors is just inspired!

  3. Wow! Great work, perhaps one of your best!

  4. Brilliant... now what has me curious - is that just an interesting 'teddybear', or some devilish live beastie she is clutching ready to rip you to bits if you get too close?

    1. I'm having the same idea, either a regular (though scary looking) teddy bear or some demon creature controlling her mind and through her all the other crazies in the Bedlam Brotherhood :-D


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