13 October 2013

Article series coming up on the Polish army of 1939

I had ordered a bunch of books on the Polish army of 1939 about a month ago from a Polish historical bookstore (Historyton). The store had a mind-blowing amount of books on all kinds of subjects, and books that covered very narrow and detailed areas, such as specific combat units, vehicle types and training manuals of the Polish army.

The problem was that the store charges an insane amount of cash for shipping which makes it pretty much pointless to order outside of Poland. I was fortunate enough to be able to order and have the books delivered to my uncle in Poland, and my parents picked the books up during their visit last week.

Anyway, all books I ordered except one are in Polish, and while I will be doing review's of them all I will also make sure to write down things that stand out and which I find extra interesting in separate articles so that everyone can get some useful and cherrypicked info from these books. I've only been flipping through them for a couple of days (trying not too drool all over them) but there is an amazing amount of information that I have been wanting to learn and which isn't available through the internet.

The books I ordered cover:

The 10th motorized cavalry brigade

The reconnaissance company of the 10th motorized cavalry brigade

Polish armored trains

Polish tanks 1919-39

Polish infantry during 1939

Reconnaissance tank field manual (tankette combat instructions)

A book on tankettes, going into great depth on this vehicle type.

Battles involving tanks during the September campaign

The combat actions of the Volhynian cavalry brigade during the September campaign

Polish art of war, a detailed look on Polish combat doctrine between 1921-1939 of infantry, cavalry, tank and the airforce during the interwar period and the September campaign.

So as you may see there will be plenty of interesting information for those interested in the Polish army of  the interwar and Early War period. It will all be posted under the new label "The Polish army of 1939" which should make it easy to find among all other content on this blog. I will also go over my older blog posts and re-label relevant content. These articles will hopefully be of use to wargamers that are interested in the Polish army, regardless of game, rules or scale.


  1. Thanks to these books maybe you'll accept that the so-called 9TP tank was never used operationally. ;)

    But seriously, that's quite a nice collection! I'm eagerly waiting for the first articles. :)

    BTW, have you seen this: http://www.wrzesien1939.pl/

    1. Yep, it's one of many sites I've had bookmarked for quite some time :-)

  2. Great - i'm really looking forward to this!


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