05 October 2013

Bedlam Brotherhood - Eat my bear!

Eat my bear... Eat my bear! EaT My beaR! EAT MY BEAR!!!

Life in Bedlam is probably full of fascinating characters that are best to observe from behind the safety of a small peephole in a metal door. This guy probably spends his days chewing up stuffed animals given to him by the orderlies to calm his otherwise murderous rage.

The color on the patient gown was inspired by the old PC game Sanitarium - with which I think the Bedlam Brotherhood faction miniatures have a lot in common.

I should have waited a bit longer before taking pictures to truly let the brush on matt varnish (Army Painter - Anti Shine) dry completely. Looked dry enough to me, but you always see everything close up and in full detail when cropping and editing the pictures.


  1. Great work on Alice and bear guy! It will be a truly awesome faction. The coat and purple socks work well.

    1. Thanks, yeah I can't wait to have them all painted up and standing together :-D

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