12 October 2013

Bedlam Brotherhood: Ninja Bob and faction photo

Last miniature to be painted, this one goes by the name of "Ninja Bob" - I didn't fully appreciate this sculpt until I began painting it. A great concept, having a deranged masked avenger locked up in the Bedlam asylum, and while painting my thoughts went to Batman the animated series and the one episode where Batman is locked up by the Joker and the rest of the criminals in Arkham Asylum.

It has really been a lot of fun painting this faction up, perhaps it was the color choice with lots of white and light green that made it for me. Both colors are fun to paint and lend themselves well to nice shading and highlight techniques. I'm also glad I managed to keep my goal of painting up both the Clickers and the Bedlam Brotherhood before I began work.

So what's up next? Faction wise I have the Order of the Dragon, and I also have a bunch of Gentlemen's Club add-on miniatures. But before I get to them I will most likely paint up some of the limited edition miniatures and single characters - starting with my converted Nadezhda Durova. I also really look forward to assembling and painting both the gyrocopter and the huge steam powered exo-skeleton (for which I'm very happy I have found it possible to pin miniatures using a power drill!).


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