11 October 2013

Bedlam Brotherhood: Nipper and Parson

Another pair of lunatics from the Bedlam Brotherhood, a short evil grinning dwarf (Nipper) and a trashing lunatic with a leather face mask (Parson). This leaves me with one last miniature to paint, "Ninja Bob". Stay tuned for pictures of him and pictures of the whole faction :-)


  1. Now why can't I get my whites to come out like that? Great stuff as always!

  2. The white is painted the following way

    undercoated with black primer
    basecoated with charred brown
    1st layer with Khaki
    2nd layer with Dark Sand
    wash with sepia/soft tone
    3rd layer Dark sand + Bonewhite
    4th layer Bone white
    5th layer Bonewhite + White
    6th layer final highlights with White

    The model is then painted with Anti-Shine which does a lot in order to smooth out the surface and pull everything together.

    The more time you spend on building up the white color, be it from a brown or grey base, the better end result you will get :-)

  3. Fantastic! The white is absolutely excellent.


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