09 October 2013

Bedlam Brotherhood: Tank and Hat-man

I suspect these two guys will fill the role of  "heroes" in the Bedlam Brotherhood faction. Heroes are second only to the Leader of a faction, and they usually have special rules and access to both skills and equipment that elevate them above the more numerous minions that go by the name of "Subordinates".

Mean reason for my assumption is that these two are quite bulky and larger than the other lunatics in the blister - and Alice and the Cheshire cat are pretty much self confirmed faction leaders since the faction was created around the artwork of those two during the kickstarter.

The one called Hat-man I painted up in fully white clothes, as I like to think he was an orderly who was turned insane. He has since then ripped up a patient gown to use as a hooded mask and stalks the halls of Bedlam with his rusted knife and top hat which he probably stole from the wardens office when the place was taken over by the Bedlam Brotherhood.

What will be really interesting for me, just as with the Clickers faction of robots, is whether or not they will get their own new and unique skills in their faction skill charts. Though there are a lot of shared skills between all 4 core factions of the Empire of the Dead rulebook - it would be strange not to give two such very different factions something of their own.

I already discussed this with Ian of West Wind, when I was at Salute this year. Tossing around ideas that they would perhaps have some kind of controllable insanity. It would also make more sense to give them close combat weapons over fire arms - and that is how the miniatures are sculpted. However it has proven quite hard to be close combat oriented in Empire of the Dead.

Another idea I had when I was painting a few days ago, and which I hope will be included, is that when you play the Bedlam Brotherhood- you would be immune to the "off to Bedlam" effect on the injury chart during the post game sequence. Furthermore, it would be pretty cool if the Bedlam Brotherhood would be able to turn the members of enemy factions that have ended up in the Bedlam Brotherhood to their side, just like Werewolf and Vampire factions fan turn captured enemies to their side with a bit of luck.

I also think that the addition of the Bedlam Brotherhood calls for another themed scenario, that is similar to the one you play if your characters get arrested by the Police after which you have to rescue them from the Police station with brute force. Imagine having a cool indoor location filled with nutjobs, controlled by the Bedlam Brotherhood who protect their turf against an invading faction who is there to rescue their lost guy.

Btw, I also improved the bases of my 4 original Gothic Horror/Vampire Wars lunatics that I painted up a couple of years ago. They fit in quite well with the newer range and I will use them to boost the Bedlam Brotherhood if the need arises. Just 3 more miniatures left to paint from the Bedlam Brotherhood box.


  1. Great painting again. The chap with the gown-mask is my favourite so far.

  2. Thanks guys, it has been quite fun painting a lot of white on straitjackets and the like on this faction. I wasn't sure exactly how the faction would turn out, but I'm glad I picked a unified look to the lunatics.


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