15 October 2013

Blog status update and historical convention update

I started working this week and will have a bit of a rough patch this and the next two weeks as there are a lot of learning under supervision and quite a bit to read through work manuals and such. 

This means that blog posts will be posted in the evening instead of around noon during the weekdays. This and the next two weeks the blog will be updated 3 times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Once my schooling at the work is done I plan to bump the number of posts to 4 as I will by that time be allowed to plan my own workload and working hours.

There will be a By Fire & Sword AAR coming up on Thursday (still haven't had a chance to put it all together) and a board game review of King of Chicago following this Saturday.

Now to the other bit of important news. The historical wargame convention in Copenhagen next month (16-17th November) of which I have written earlier now has information and registration instructions up on the homepage HERE

It is recommended to register and pre-pay for the admission ticket, as it will be cheaper than buying it at the door. The ticket covers both the gaming area and the whole museum in which the convention takes place (there will be a cool exhibition at the same time well worth the money).

I will be there running along with my friends Andreas (who will run a SAGA demo) and David who will run a Flames of War demo). I myself will run a game of By Fire & Sword, and will bring with me giveaway product samples, posters and catalogues for those who participate in the demo or are interested in the game. The three of us can only participate Saturday the 16th, so make sure to drop by if you are interested on that date (we will be there the whole day).


  1. Best of luck in new job. Maybe next year if I save my pennies and stop buying minis I can try and come over to Copenhagen

    1. Until then I hope we will meet again at next year's Salute :-)
      Hopefully with a gaming opportunity involved!

  2. Thank God you posted something! It's only been two days and I'm already getting withdrawal symptoms ;-)

  3. Goodluck with it mate - interruption on hobby time by "Real Life" makes it so much sweeter to come back to!

    1. Thanks Paul, and also nice to see you made it back from your military trip safely :-)


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