04 October 2013

Carson City 4-player session

This weekend we had a dedicated "boardgame day" at the Club. I brought with me an assortment of games that I had not played for a long time.

We started out with Carson City, which is a worker placement game that is all about building a town in a old west setting. Each player uses his workers to bid for resources, buy plots of lands, rob other players and protect his turf and buildings. Added to the mix are a bunch of characters that players pick at the start of each turn, such as the Sheriff that gives you one additional "untouchable" worker, the bandit which gives you more firepower, the store clerk that increases your economy, farmer that gives you a free plot of land etc.

It's a very tactical game and as it is restricted to just 4 turns it is very important to use your workers well - and make reasonable choices from the very first turn if you want to have any chance of winning. Carson City is not a very difficult game, but for some reason the way the rules are presented makes it hard to pick up easily (it requires a solo-game to get the flow, and takes some time to explain for new players).

For this game I have written my own player aides with turn sequence, actions and victory points to make it easier to player - as the game only comes with 2 quick reference sheets in English, the rest are in French, Dutch and German...

I think the guys liked it, I certainly enjoyed dusting this one off and giving it a playthrough. Hopefully we'll play this one more in the near future before I forget the rules again.

You can read my old review of Carson City HERE if you want to learn more about this game.

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