06 October 2013

Dungeon Lords 3-player session

Dungeon Lords is hands down the favorite boardgame of my friend Daniel. I like this game too, and think it's great, but he truly loves it and often asks me to bring this one instead of any other games I own. Figuring it had been a while since we played it I brought it with me this weekend.

What I really like about Dungeon Lords, beside the resource management and worker placement aspects is that you can't truly tell who will win the game until you have summed up the victory points of all players at the very end of the session. There are many ways to play this game; aggressively with high "evil" in order to attract high value paladins to your dungeon, defensively by being the nicest and getting the weakest heroes which allows you to focus on other aspects than combat and monsters, you can focus on building tunnels and rooms, hoarding resources etc.

There is also this clever card mechanic which is used by all players to bid for resources, and the way the resources are distributed on the central board often makes it the most profitable and rewarding to be second instead of first or last when workers are assigned to a resource type. Adding to this you have the tunnel tax, random events and monster upkeep which forces you to rely on some luck and timing for when you acquire monsters to guard your dungeon, or when to expand your dungeon with more rooms and tunnels in such a way so that you avoid getting hit by upkeep costs.

This game is lots of fun, the quirky and goofy artwork just adds to the hilarity of the concept (the rulebook is also written by a genius - it uses humor in order to teach you the rules and all steps of the game). If you want to learn more about this game you can check my review of Dungeon Lords here PART 1  and PART 2

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