24 October 2013

Edge of the Empire campaign: Part III

After a very long break the our group got together for another session of the Start Wars RPG "Edge of the Empire". I had a bunch of notes and characters left from the last session and encounters that we had not yet played through so we picked up where we left in part II.

Short summary of the story so far:

"The three fringers Trassh (Trandoshian bountyhunter), Thel Motwan (Human explorer) F6-1t (Droid mechanic) fled off the planet Tatooine and the wrath of Teemo the Hutt after a botched delivery of goods. Commandeering a light freighter the characters traveled to the smuggler world of Socorro where they sold their stolen ride and bought a badly beaten up YT-2400 Corellian freighter from the scrapyard owner Jorund Retzloff. In order to secure the funds for the necessary replacement parts and equipment to make the ship fully operational the characters looked around for work - finding two potential employers.

Charal Leven, an unscrupulous arms dealer of the race Gran who is into selling military grade weapons and armor under the counter and who offered the characters a job involving a raid on a Imperial convoy.

The other person the characters ran into was a Human from the Corellian system, called Derek Bynar. Bynar radiated shadiness, but the characters were in desperate need of money and agreed to take on a job involving collecting money from a merchant at the Spice Terminus station. Arriving at the scene the characters however found themselves ambushed by Derek Bynar and his minions. Supposedly the whole thing was a setup for an old grievance linked to the Trandoshian character - Trassh.

Derek Bynar was ultimately defeated, his minions killed and he himself escaped the scene. The characters quickly looted the store for some Spice and Deathsticks and managed to get off the Spice Terminus station without trouble..."


Having left the station the trio typed in the coordinates for Socorro and headed back to the smuggler planet. They were interested in finding out more about their former employer, so they headed back to the Black Dust Tavern where they had first met him. Derek Bynar was nowhere to be seen so they questioned the bartender who was extremely uneasy about speaking with the characters about Bynar. What little the characters learned was that Bynar was part of a larger organization, and working as a bounty hunter/assassin. He had as a habit to ensnare targets by sending them off to the job at the Spice Terminus station, but for what purpose the characters were unable to learn. Neither did the bartender know anything about Bynar's current location, and instead asked the characters to leave the tavern without drawing too much attention to themselves.

Leaving the tavern the characters are stopped by a small rodent like alien humanoid, twitching with signs of severe withdrawal. This little addict, quickly given the nickname "Squeek" asked them about Derek Bynar and if the characters knew anything about a drug connection. Supposedly the streets had run dry and the local dealers had disappeared, now the junkies were without their daily fix. Surveying the alleys the characters spotted two more rodent like aliens - friends of Squeek - who all were interested in buying small doses of Spice or even Deathsticks.

Thinking about it for a second the characters realized they would not make big money by selling a few doses to the junkies, and at the same time they had no time to act as drug dealers either. An idea was formed to use the three addicts to sell off the stolen drugs from the Spice Terminus station. A meeting was arranged, the three junkies were to meet the player characters at a designated location in three hours. Meantime the characters went back to Charal Leven and asked again about the job that involved intercepting an Imperial convoy. The job was still on the table, the instructions were fairly simple, intercept the convoy, plunder it for any weapons and armor that the characters could fit into their cargo hold and make sure no witnesses were left alive to report the deed.

This made the characters a bit uneasy, especially the part about leaving no witnesses alive. So they got the idea that perhaps they could alter the transponder of their ship, effectively changing identity when needed or when doing things that they didn't want associace their regular ship-ID with. Going back to Retzloff's shipyard the characters were given coordinates to a freshly crashed ship and borrowed a speeder.
The trip took longer than expected, and it was already sunset when they found the ship. It was a small civilian freighter, crashed and badly beaten up. No signs of the crew or passengers except for blood inside the ship. Someone had already looted everything of value - but the ship transponder was still functional so the characters managed to remove it from the ship and brought it back to their own freighter - "the Dark Horizon".

This whole detour made them miss their apointment with the junkies, but the job Charal Leven offered was very profitable so perhaps not such a big loss. Installing their new ship identification transponder the "Dark Horizon" was now able to switch to an alternative ID - "The Dauntless". This way, the characters would not expose themselves to the same extent taking on dangerous jobs. Still worried they were all discussing the best course of action, how they would neutralize the Imperial crew without killing anyone, using stun grenades, escape pod decoys or just observe the convoy from a distance and see if anything suspicious indicating a trap would be revealed.

Flipping the ship transponder switch, the "Dauntless" flew through the atmosphere of Socorro and made a hyperspace jump to the destination given to them by the arms dealer Charal Leven.

As soon as the ship exited the hyperspace the characters realized they had entered an active combat zone. Two Imperial freighters were already destroyed and debris was drifting all around. A body bounced off the front window of their ship - while further away they could see Y-wing ships dog fighting with some TIE-fighters.

A communication signal from the Y-wing combat group addressed the characters that this was a Rebel Alliance combat operation, and that they would attack the players if there was any interference. At the same time another communication signal from one of the transport ships hailed the Dauntless begging for aid - supposedly the passengers were mostly families to the Imperial Officers transferring from one base to a new outpost. Most of the crew had already been killed and the ships were drifting without any possibility to make a hyperspace jump. Scanning the two remaining ships the characters saw that one transport was without any life signatures, while the other had 5 people left alive - of whom two were said to be severely wounded.

The droid F6-1t and his unending compassion pretty much forced the hand of the group to aid the Imperial distress call, forsaking for the time being any closer inspection of the second transport. The Dauntless docked with the Imperial freighter, and transferred the wounded aboard - an Imperial officer named Aurren Brin was very grateful for the aid.

The Rebels on the other hand were not pleased, having just finished off the last TIE-fighter they turned their attention to the disabled ships, firing torpedoes at the closest (empty) ship they blew it up. Whatever equipment was aboard was now probably lost but there was no time for anything but to attempt an escape.
Calculating the combat situation F6-1t came to the conclusion that the Y-wings had used upp all their torpedoes, and only twin-linked laster cannons were left for the Rebels to use. As this was happening an Imperial Star Destroyer jumped into the sector, 20kilometers away. Hailing the Dauntless the Imperials extended gratitude for the given aid and asked the players to board the Star Destroyer. Released TIE-fighter squadrons and the Star Destroyer were now heading for the players from the front, and a trio of Y-wings were chasing them from the rear.

Exchanging laser cannon fire the Dauntless took a beating and lost quite a bit of hull damage and system strain, but destroyed one of the Y-wings. As the Imperial ships were closing in the characters managed to persuade the two remaining Rebel Y-wings to break off and leave. As the Y-wings jumped out of the area the players were once again welcomed aboard the Star Destroyed to deliver the Imperial survivors. Not seeing any other option the players complied.

In the hangar bay the players were greeted by another Imperial officer flanked by Stormtroopers, who questioned them about their business in this current sector and their interference in the battle.Trassh, managed to sell the Imperial officer a tale that they were heading for Socorro to make repairs on their ship as that was the closest planet that offered them the needed circumstances for such repairs to be done. Barely convincing the officer the tale was accepted, perhaps mostly because of the endless gratitude of officer Aurren Brin who had been saved along with his family from the Rebel attack.

Imperial technicians were ordered to fix up the Dauntless so that it could make a safe journey to Socorro (75% repairs) and on top of that Aurren Brin said that he was in debt to the players - and if they wanted a proper reward they should visit him at his new outpost on the planet Ryloth.

Having left the Star Destroyer the characters raced back to the scene of battle, but upon arrival they only found space debris from the Imperial Freighters. Scanning the area they found 9 crates with Imperial blasters, thinking this was better than nothing if they intended to return to Charal Leven. The interesting part here was that Leven had paid them 20.000 Credits up front, and promised another 60.000 on their return with their stolen goods. The characters contemplated bailing on Leven and keep the money to themselves, but then realized such theft could backfire on them. So they returned to Leven and told him a slightly altered version of what had happened (leaving out the Imperial aid), Leven was disappointed in that his job had been botched by the Rebels and asked for a refund - the characters managed to negotiate so that they were able to keep 15.000 in exchange for the 9 crates of Imperial grade blaster rifles and taking a risk for Leven.

Doing so both parts left on good terms. The money earned could now be used to make some needed ship upgrades, and perhaps make a down payment on the bounty hanging over Trassh.

At this point in the storyline we now have multiple characters and branching options for the characters, which should make future sessions both more interesting and easier to write as things are fleshed out. Hopefully it will not be a couple of month's before we play again!


  1. Fantastic update mate! Very much enjoyed this one! Struggling to find someone to play the rpg with, but this has inspired me to try again :)


    1. It's a really damn good game imo :-)
      I can't recommend it enough to players who are new to pen & paper RPG's, the loose format and storydriven dice mechanics are so much more enjoyable and easier to dive into than learning stats and everything else of a more strict RPG system.

  2. I love the YT-2400 map. How did you get that printed out? I am currently in the market for an A4/A3 colour printer.

    1. Thomas printed it at his work IIRC (he works as a teacher so has access to printing and copy machines).


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