22 October 2013

Nadezhda Durova, vampire hunter

This is my heavily converted version of the Nadezhda Durova limited edition miniature that you get with the Requiem Kickstarter for Empire of the Dead. I wanted a more dynamic and combat ready pose, a slightly smaller pistol and I also wanted the hair to be closer to what it looks like on the artwork. So there was some chopping, greenstuffing and a weapon swap (from the EotD weapon sprue).

This is probably the first time I've made such extensive conversion work on a metal miniature, and I'm pretty pleased with both the conversion and the paintjob. I painted the model to match the artwork since I liked the colors.


  1. Nicely done. My KS pack arrived yesterday so now the planning for painting starts.


    1. Great to hear, I'm having a hard time to decide what to paint next, but I think I will stock to "singles" for a while as my painting time has been decreased due to my new job (at least the first couple of weeks).

      I'm considering painting up White Rabbit next as she is one cool mini and was one of my favorite limited edition artwork characters :-)

  2. Very nice conversion and painting. She looks quite malevolent :-)

  3. Lovely painting as always and an impressive reposing indeed!

  4. You are very quick going through these KS miniatures. I like the miniature and love what you've done with the hair it looks just like the artwork.

  5. Great work! Being partial to Lacepunk,I feel that with a different pistol she would become a great 18th C. Hussarette.


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