02 October 2013

The Bedlam Brotherhood assembled and a converted Nadezhda Durova

Next faction for Empire of the Dead, the Bedlam Brotherhood. These are as you can see a bunch of asylum patients - the centerpiece being the Alice in Wonderland and Cheshire Cat sculpt.

Apart from the Clickers, the Bedlam Brotherhood was to me the single most exciting "add-on" option during the Kickstarter. I really like the theme and idea behind this faction. The models are really cool and really look like the artwork - apart from Alice which is sculpted standing up and holding the Cheshire Cat.
As I wanted more fluffy and thick hair on Alice I sculpted a new layer of hair on top.

I also specifically picked up a pack of resin cobblestone bases to use with this faction, I intend to paint the bases to look like the indoor floor of an asylum. I also have some ideas for graffiti to be scribbled on the floor to make it a bit more interesting. This was also the very first time I have actually pinned models by drilling into them and adding a metal rod between the foot and the base. Since I don't have a pin-vice I resorted to using a power drill with the smallest possible drill head. It worked remarkably well and made the process very fast and effortless.

Alice with original hair

Alice with re-sculpted hair
Rest of the gang
Also, while I was in "conversion mode"  I decided to take the opportunity and convert the Nadezhda Durova limited edition miniatures as well - something I had planned for since the Kickstarter began. I wanted the hair to be more like the artwork, I also wanted some motion to make her more dynamic - so I made her look like she was running and angled her like she was cutting a corner. Last thing was the huge pistol, I wanted something more normal sized. And since I had one "weapon sprue" from the Kickstarter I used the regular revolver with sculpted hand and simply replaced hands on the miniature. The changes were not difficult to make and I think they were worth the effort. Look forward to painting her up.


  1. A question; can you buy this models now or do you have to wait for them? Because those lunatics looks awsome. :)

    Another questions: what do you think are the diffrent (for better and worse) between Malifaux and this game?


    1. You will be able to buy the miniatures from West Wind once they have shipped out everything to all of the Kickstarter backers. So they will most likely be available in November/December.

      As to your second question, I simply grew very tired of the balance issues and dozens of rules per model in Malifaux. I had to keep track of 20 abilities of my own crew and at the same time keep track of 20 abilities of my opponents crew, with every new expansion this just got worse. So I finally gave up. I also feel that Malifaux turned into a "everything goes" game, abandoning it's original core theme which is a shame.

      Malifaux has a lot of good ideas, and I am a huge fan of the mission generator. But the rules to me became way too cumbersome. Empire of the Dead is like a distant relative to Malifaux. The rules are written differently, putting focus on core rules rather than having every model come with its own set of rules. It also uses D10 which I love, and it's a game that really gives you the most bang for your buck if you play the campaign mode (highly recommended in order to get the full experience).

      Malifaux I felt was also bogged down with too many named characters and the absence of a campaign structure in favor or "tournament play" was another thing that I think should have been different.

    2. Thank you very much for your answers. Can you tell more about the campaign structure? It sounds very intersting.


    3. Well the campaign format is similar to classic games like Mordheim and Necromunda, but also very similar to Legends of the Old West and the like. All factions have a handful of standard starting characters that evolve during the campaign to become unique individuals. What I like about the campaign format in Empire of the Dead however is that the experience points aren’t tied to single individuals, but rather to the faction as a whole. And instead of classic experience points you use “money” which you earn for completing scenarios and defeating opponents. The money is invested post-game in so called “advancement rolls” where you are free to decide whom you want to level up and whether to level up generic abilities and stats – or take a chance to level up your faction specific abilities.

      The core rules also have a pretty good balance mechanic which makes weaker gangs able to earn more money if they defeat a stronger gang. The campaign format also limits players in terms of how many characters and heroes you can field as these are the guys who can use special weapons and equipment. The majority of your faction/gang will be made up of minions that get better and can be customized with advancement rolls over the course of the campaign to make them more unique.

    4. Thank you again for your very good answer. I will now check this game out :)


  2. Ah those look great! Nice conversions as well, now I'm just waiting for the requiem miniatures to become available :)

  3. Looking good as usual, can't wait to see them painted.
    We'll have to arrange a game when you are over for Salute next year.

  4. They are very cool and mice work on Alice. I can't wait to get mine when I return from holiday. I am curious as to what the factions special rules will be.


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