01 October 2013

The Clickers, complete faction painted up

I painted up the last 4 Clickers (the type I have dubbed "Infiltrators" as my mind is already running wild with ideas for a Victorian era Terminator/John Connor scenario).

The entire faction was a blast to paint, and they all painted up easily. Enjoyed painting every single one, and had a lot of fun experimenting with a new basing concept which I think looks really good and offers a nice contrast to the models.

Here are some pictures of the last 4 Clickers with ragged clothes.

And this is how I imagine the degradation of a factory fresh Clicker servant looks like (first miniature is the ltd ed servant from about a year ago).

First Clicker complete with synthetic skin, either some kind of rubber material or maybe even preserved animal skin covering the face and hands - which is why it looks so fake Also featuring a wig on the head.
Next is a Clicker with ripped up clothes, all synthetic skin and the wig being removed.
Last Clicker is the bare metal skeleton, common for all versions are the blue glowing eyes giving away the Infernium powered machine.

Now I just look forward to having the PDF rules for these guys so I can play with them.

Next up - the Bedlam Brotherhood :-D


  1. Great work there. I was not that enamoured of the clickers but seeing them painted up I think they are great. Will be interesting to see how they are worked up in the rules.

    1. Yeah the rules for the Clickers and the Bedlam Brotherhood will be most interesting since both factions are so very different from all others.


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