29 October 2013

The invisible man

Just a quick paintjob of the "Invisible man" miniature from the Empire of the Dead kickstarter range. Not much to say really, though I did have a hard time figuring out how to paint his clothes. In the end I picked a flower pattern and brown colors for the coat and grey pants and hat for contrast.

I will have a slightly longer weekend this week which hopefully means that I will be able to paint up both Lightning Jack and Tom Gaunt - love both minis!


  1. For a second there I expected to just see a base and no figure :-)

    1. That would be bloody awesome. I'd just field an army of invisible men if that was the case to save me some painting! :P

  2. A simple high-contrat paint job that looks good... but that coat, oh yes. What they call a "carpet coat", I think. One more highlight on the pattern and it'd look even better, but still, an excellent idea.

  3. Very well done, it is always a challenge trying to figure out how to paint something invisible. I will be going thru the same chore when my stuff arrives!

  4. Wow - his "flesh" tone is very spooky - well done!

  5. Thanks guys, will fix the small splotch on the knife later today, didn't notice it until the pictures were taken and uploaded....

    As for painting the coat, yeah - the way I painted my "Gentlemens Club" president was very similar but I used a higher contrast on the pattern. The flowers were very bright before I gave them a wash which in turn resulted in a very nice variation of shades. For this coat I wanted a slightly darker look so I didn't use the same amount of contrast in the highlights. I was simply uncertain whether it would turn out good with the washes I had at hand.

    But I really like this type of coats so there will be a few more down the road - and in different colors :-)


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