28 November 2013

By Fire & Sword: Dice, casualty markers and order token review

Just the day before we went to Copenhagen I received a parcel from Wargamer with some of their excellent "extra" items and thought I would share some pictures of the dice, casualty markers and order tokens.

Starting with the dice, the D10's look splendid. The manufacturer is another Polish company, Q-workshop, that specializes in dice with intricate patterns (to the point that often look too cluttered). In the case with the BF&S dice however the balance between national patterns and symbols and being able to tell the result at a quick glance is very good. The crest of each nation is located on the "0" which in the game is often the worst result, I've been thinking that putting the cres on the "1" would have been better, but that could possibly have been confusing as that would mean the dice would have two sides with no clear number marking on them.

I only asked for the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth dice, but from what I have seen in the preview pictures the dice of the other nations look very crisp and pretty as well. It is well worth buying two sets so that you have enough for skirmish games and most medium sized division battles as well.

Next up are the order tokens, these have the crest of each nation on the back and shared symbols on the front (charge, defend, move and flee). They are cast in metal and resemble coins which I think is the point.. My friend Johan has resorted to painting and varnishing his tokens to better see the symbols - I guess that's an option but imo not necessary unless you really want to spice them up. Just like with the dice, it is reasonable to get 2 sets, which is enough for skirmish games and medium sized division battles.

Finally I received a blister of Polish-Lithuanian casualties, a blister contains 12 casualties, 3 of them with horses, the rest being infantry. The sculpts are very nice and come with cast round bases - but I would suggest basing them on something to better protect the edges from having paint chipped away from use. Casualty tokens are not necessary - compared to the order tokens - but this is a very nice and visual way to keep track of "wounds" on your units. The rules also include the ability to look corpses for spare ammunition, which means that it may be a good idea to mark the  area where a unit was annihilated with a casualty marker so that you have a fixed point for scavenging ammo. Each nation has its own set of casualty markers and they can of course also be used for diorama bases and other such projects.

All in all I like all 3 products, the dice and order tokens got instant use during the convention in Copenhagen and will be used in all my games. I will also have to spend a day to paint and base up all the casualty tokens so that I can show them off and also use them instead of the blood splatter markers I've been using so far.

All 3 products can be purchased from Wargamer.pl and other retailers that sell the By Fire & Sword range of products.

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