17 November 2013

Pictures from DFFcon Copenhagen 2013

Some pictures from my trip to Copenhagen, where DFFcon 2013 was being held at the royal arsenal museum. It was a tiny event but I think everyone had a good time. There was a lot of interest for By Fire & Sword even though we only ran two demo games. I handed out a lot of sample miniatures and posters and catalogues to everyone interested and who stopped by the table. From what Andreas told me afterwards a lot of the Danish Flames of War gamers showed interest in the game - in particular when they heard that the Danes would be released soon with rules and miniatures. I know that the guys at my club are interested in playing a small tournament around Christmas, but following DFFcon we may perhaps also be able to attract some Danish players for a larger tournament later next year.

The BF&S demo was just a thrown together scenario and both the Swedish and the Polish-Lithuanian force had a detachment of infantry as well as a detachment of cavalry unit to show both sides of the game. The game was a pretty bloody affair, with Swedish infantry decimating the Polish Dragoons, while the Polish cavalry managed to gang up on the Swedish Reiters and killing most of them. The game ended with the Swedish cavalry being wiped out and the remaining exposed Swedish infantry surrendered as defeat was now inevitable.

I was quite exhausted after my last week at work, the demo game I ran and what I would class as a "Burma death march" through Copenhagen so that the guys could buy some kind of indie beer from a specialist store - so I spent most of my remaining attendance taking pictures of the other demo games that were going on and attempted to cover everything of interest from the historical exhibition. Unfortunately the museum had very dimmed lightning with spotlights aimed ad exhibition items and not so much towards the gaming area. This is why there are so few pictures to begin with, and those that I have are taken with quite poor light conditions.

I did however manage to squeeze in a demo game of Osprey's "Ronin" (which I had seen at Salute but never got around to play the demo there). The Ronin demo was  by William, the guy behind the convention, and I was pleasantly surprised by the rules. The combat actually reminded me a bit about the "Bushido" rules, where you have to handle combat action resources (Defend/Attack) and distribute them in a clever way so that your warriors have enough chance of survival as well as enough actions left to attack the opponent in close combat. I enjoyed it a lot, if we had some Samurai terrain at the club perhaps it would make sense to plunge into yet another skirmish game but unfortunately I must refrain from buying into another game at the moment. But I will keep it in mind for when start a new project in the future, would love to paint some Samurai warriors.

The convention will continue this Sunday, but me and the guys from my club were simply unable to make two trips to Denmark so we aimed at attending on Saturday which had the longest opening hours at the museum. There are high hopes that the convention will remain at the royal arsenal next year, and grow in size (with more games, visitors and maybe even retailers).

What I really liked about the whole thing was that it was being held at a museum with a military history exhibition backdrop. I wanted something similar for a By Fire & Sword tournament and contacted the museum in Malmö - but was completely ignored by whatever uptight employee that was at the receiving end of my letter describing my ideas and how the museum could benefit from it in return... Obviously the Danish museums are a lot more open minded about these type of things, as is the Polish palace in Warsaw where the Wargamer.pl guys recently held a tournament of By Fire & Sword.

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