19 November 2013

Pictures from the Royal Arsenal museum in Copenhagen

As I mentioned in my previous post the DFFcon 2013 convention was being held at the Royal arsenal museum which is a long building with several floors. The museum was having an exhibition about Danish military history and  the wars fought throughout the past 500 years up to present day.

There was a great amount of weapons, uniforms and probably over hundred pieces of artillery at the museum so I walked around and attempted to document everything interesting. Fortunately, the spotlights above each showcase provided excellent conditions for photography and the museum allowed you to walk around and snap pictures of the items.

Below you will find all the pictures that turned out good. What I found very interesting was the French 75mm 1897 artillery gun, which was also used by - among others - the Polish army in 1939. Having played with the model in Flames of War and other WW2 games I had been given the impression that the gun shield would offer ample protection against incoming projectiles. However the gun shield in real life has a HUGE hole on the left side for the optics through which it would be easy to kill or injure the crew operating the gun if if fired upon by a machinegun or even some accurate small arms fire.

They also had a Bofors Anti-tank gun, which is a tiny piece in real life, and they also had both a German 88 Flak and a 7.5cm AT-gun which both looked slightly different from the miniatures we have been shuffling around on the table.


  1. Some amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's a big amount of nice pictures. I think it's time to go to Denmark soon.

  3. Great pictures, looks like an excellent museum.

  4. Fantastic pics of an awesome museum
    What a splendid venue for a Con!

  5. It souds very interesting ! thanks for this post.


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