14 November 2013

Reminder about convention in Copenhagen November 16th

Just a quick reminder about the historical wargame convention in Copenhagen on November 16-17th over at the Tøjhusmuseet.

A bunch of guys from my club, with me included, will be running a couple of demos (By Fire & Sword, Flames of War, SAGA). We will only be there during Saturday 10:00-18:00 so make sure to drop by if you want to catch any of those games and either play or just talk about the rules. From what I understand the By Fire & Sword game is scheduled to start first, and should be up and running around 11:00 if all goes well.

As I've mentioned before there will be some BF&S related handouts of sample miniatures and posters for those interested in the game and to demo game participants.

As the convention is on Saturday, the next blog post will be up on Sunday - expect a lot of pictures of the convention itself and also the exhibition at the museum which will be about the various wars Denmark has fought in the last 500 years.

Check my previous posts about the convention to learn more: HERE


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Paul, we had a really good time - pictures from the convention will be up today and on Tuesday :-)
      I took a LOT of pictures of the historical exhibition as well :-D


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