26 December 2013

1:72 scale Pz I Ausf A review

The second out of the two review samples from "First to fight" that I received was the Pz I Ausf A.
Just like the Polish TKS tankette this is a 100% plastic kit that came with a small magazine/booklet about the history and combat use of the PzI during the September Campaign and the platoon structure in which it fought.

Assembling this model was slightly easier and faster, due to the pieces being a bit bigger than those of the tiny tankette. The casting was just as good and there were no mould lines to speak of. I glued it together with the plastic glue supplied within the box.

The end result provides you with one sharp looking Panzer I, which imo is a super cool looking tank from the often overlooked Early War period. The kit also comes with really good decals, that seemed different from those that I am used to - as they shaped themselves against the uneven surface of the turret without any of that transfer solution liquid usually needed. I did however give the transfers, and the whole model, a single coat of brush on matt varnish just to keep them in place.

I was also made aware that the Plastic Soldier Company is going to sell the "First to fight" minis, and you can already find both the TKS tankette and the Pz I f rom "First to fight" in their 1:72 range.

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  1. Nice model report. Early war stuff is clearly not as popular as late war. It's good to see what is available.


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